Software Downloads

Below is a list of Indigo releases beginning with Indigo 7.0. Releases in red indicate releases which are no longer supported but still available for download.

To download the installer for the Indigo version(s) you have access to, you must log in to your Indigo Account. If you don't have an Indigo Account, you can sign up for a free trial below and we'll create one for you.

Indigo 7 is a paid upgrade for Indigo 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x customers. If you are considering an upgrade from a previous version, you should check out the new features in the releases (those in red are no longer supported):

Since you don't have access to the latest Indigo release listed above, you may request a trial below that will give you access.

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Note: Indigo requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) or greater — any Intel-based Mac capable of running Lion will work.

Warning about newer macOS versions (High Sierra / 10.13 and newer): While the most recent version of Indigo is compatible with all shipping macOS releases, recent macOS versions contain a couple of USB bugs that may cause USB devices that use the FTDI chipset (Insteon PowerLincs, RFXCOM, etc.) to incorrectly communicate with your Mac (and therefore Indigo). While this appears to only happen on older Macs, we don't have a list and Apple won't provide any further information (beyond acknowledging it) as to if or when it might be fixed. We have identified a workaround that seems to work for the majority of users that experience the issue.

You can purchase a full license code at any time and register your trial installation (you lose no work).

Unsupported Legacy Versions

Here are links to the installers of legacy versions of Indigo. We no longer sell or support these versions; however, we're leaving the download link here in case you need to download the installer.