Indigo 7 Pricing (November 2016) November 09, 2016

Indigo 7 Launch (November 2016) Pricing

For Indigo 7, we’ve made some changes to Indigo pricing and versions. First, Indigo 7 is All Pro - we are no longer offering a Lite version (though we are offering upgrades from previous Lite versions). It’s clear that the strength of Indigo is its ability to integrate a variety of evolving smart home devices. There are plenty of other solutions for those with more modest needs, and we’ve determined that continued support of the Lite version just doesn’t make business sense.

Next, we’re moving to a subscription model for software upgrades. Each purchase (full or upgrade) of Indigo 7 will include what we’re calling an Indigo Up-to-Date subscription for one year. This will entitle you to all feature upgrade releases (both major and minor) for that one year period. After that, you’ll need to renew your subscription every year to continue to receive feature upgrades (bug fixes will continue to be available). Upgrade pricing such as what we offer currently will no longer be available from Indigo 7 purchases moving forward.


Here’s the launch pricing for Indigo 7 (subject to change, monitor our blog for updates). All pricing is in USD.

Indigo 7 new license$249.95
Indigo 7 upgrade from Indigo 6 Pro$89.95
Indigo 7 upgrade from Indigo 6 Lite$169.95
Indigo 7 upgrade from Indigo 5 Pro$129.95
Indigo 7 upgrade from Indigo 5 Lite$189.95
Indigo 7 upgrade from Indigo 4 Pro$179.95
Indigo 7 upgrade from Indigo 4 Lite$219.95

Log in to your Indigo Account to purchase an upgrade.

Up-to-Date subscriptions will cost $59.95 per year. Be sure to read up on how Up-to-Date subscriptions work.

Note: if you purchased Indigo 6 after November 27, 2015, you received an Up-to-Date subscription at that time that covers the release of Indigo 7 and the 7.1 upgrade (to be released before 10/18/2017). Up-to-Date subscriptions acquired this way will have an expiration date that is the greater of: October 25th, 2017 or the purchase date + 12 months. So - all Indigo 6 purchases since 11/27/2015 will have at least 1 year UTD subscription coverage.

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