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We've found the PowerLinc/RFXtrx433 connection problem in High Sierra: Apple's included FTDI driver is broken and OS driver loading at boot time doesn't always find the right driver. Here's how to work around those issues until Apple fixes them. Read More
The Indigo Plugin Store December 08, 2017
We’re very happy to announce the [Indigo Plugin Store](, available immediately on our website. The store allows you to filter by category or search... Read More
Announcing Indigo 7.1 October 24, 2017
Indigo 7.1 has been released with a bunch of new functionality! Read More
Direct AppleScript support is being deprecated. Here's how to handle the transition. Read More
Indigo 7 introduces some new pricing and version details. Any pricing changes will be announced in future blog posts. Read More
Indigo Up-to-Date November 09, 2016
Indigo Up-to-Date Subscriptions are the best way to make sure that you always have access to the latest version of Indigo. Read More
We’ve been getting an increasing number of **why don’t you support device X** type questions, where X may be a particular Z-Wave device, INSTEON device or some other... Read More
With Indigo 7 (release date TBD) we will be introducing a completely new plugin for Airfoil called Airfoil Pro. We know there are a lot of customers using Airfoil along... Read More
Amazon Echo/Alexa update January 28, 2016
We've released an open source plugin that allows you to control up to 27 Indigo devices via the Echo (and other Alexa devices). We do it by masquerading as... Read More
Amazon Echo and Indigo October 28, 2015
The Amazon Echo is definitely a game changer in many ways, including how you can interact with your smarthome. Read More
As the Indigo platform continues to evolve to support new smart home technologies and features, we continue to evaluate how best to sell and support Indigo upgrades while increasing responsiveness to the demands of this rapidly evolving market. Read More
Betas in the Air July 10, 2015
Well, it’s that time of year again. The weather in the northern hemisphere is getting hotter, the kids are running around the neighborhood out of school, and Apple is... Read More
A discussion of the new Indigo Touch 2.0 for iOS, which is now available. Read More
We're happy to announce that Indigo Touch 2 is now in the hands of our final beta test group. As we mentioned in a prior blog post, this test... Read More
Indigo Touch 2.0 or iOS February 02, 2015
A quick progress update on Indigo Touch 2.0 for iOS... Read More
We're introducing a new blog system that will help us communicate longer-format information. We believe this is a better way to effectively communicate things that are important to us... Read More