Protocol logos for INSTEON, Z-Wave, and X10


All versions of Indigo support hundreds of different Insteon, Z-Wave, and X10 devices. Simultaneously.

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Over 100 3rd party plugins make Indigo one of the most expandable smart home platforms available.

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Advanced features, like complex conditions and graphical control pages, are presented in an intuitive interface.

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Multiple protocols.
Active simultaneously.

Both Indigo Lite and Pro support hundreds of different smart home devices using popular do-it-yourself automation protocols like Z-Wave, Insteon, and X10, right out of the box. Just select the interface of your choice and start adding devices. Pick the best smart device for the task, without being locked into one protocol. Use in any combination or all at the same time. Indigo integrates them seamlessly.

Protocol logos for INSTEON, Z-Wave, and X10

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Various plugin logos

Infinitely expandable.
Over 100 plugins and counting.

If the built-in protocols don't support a device or service you want to integrate, there's probably a 3rd party plugin that will. There are plugins that integrate security systems, weather data, home theater components, energy monitoring devices, sprinklers, thermostats, and many other devices and services. Plugins can also supply events, such as notifications from incoming services and actions like sending SMS text messages and Growl notifications.

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Amazingly Powerful.
Industry leading advanced features.

Custom graphical control pages allow you to design the perfect user interface. Comprehensive scheduling and triggering features support very complex logic, letting you step beyond home control and into intelligent smart home automation. Hierarchical conditions allow you to fine-tune your system. And these features are configured using an intuitive user interface. For really advanced functionality, scripting via the industry standard Python language enables limitless possibilities.

Various Indigo Mac client windows

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The Indigo Smart Home Software platform has the broadest feature set of any do-it-yourself solution in its class. Here is a just a taste of what Indigo offers.


Devices are the cornerstone of Indigo. In Indigo they are used to represent and control your smart devices: switches, lamps, appliances, thermostats, sprinklers, alarms, weather stations, etc. They are also used to provide integration with other services, such as iTunes, NOAA weather servers, and more.

Triggers (Events)

Events in Indigo are most often referred to as Triggers. Triggers allow you to define which events Indigo will detect and what actions to perform — like identifying when a button is pressed, a temperature goes below a threshold, energy usage goes over a threshold, or the garage door is opened.


Schedules are special time-based events. You define a schedule by specifying time and date components. Schedules have powerful and flexible options including randomization. For example, you can easily create a single schedule that executes 10 minutes after sunset on Saturday and Sunday, only in June, July, and August.

Actions and Action Groups

Actions are operations that Indigo can perform like turning on a light, sending an email, adjusting the setpoint on a thermostat, or pausing iTunes. Action Groups are a simple way to create a collection of actions to be used in multiple triggers and schedules.

Control Pages

Control Pages are the primary way you interactively control Indigo. While triggers and schedules execute automatically by Indigo, you can use control pages (via Indigo Touch clients) to manually control your smart home. Our graphical designer allows you to create very complex and beautiful pages.


Variables allow you to store bits of information that can be used throughout your Indigo logic. Unlike other automation platforms where variables are an afterthought or their values aren't saved permanently, variables in Indigo are given first-class status and their values are always saved and easily accessible.

Indigo Touch for iOS

Indigo Touch for iOS allows you to interactively control and monitor your smart home through easy-to-use touch-friendly controls. Close the garage if it was left open. Turn up the heat in the cabin while on the way. If you have Indigo Pro, graphical control pages are displayed beautifully and are touch gesture compatible.

Indigo Touch for the Web

For those who don't own an iOS device, we provide Indigo Touch for the Web, which provides controls that give you the same functionality as Indigo Touch for iOS. This includes the ability to remotely control smart devices and use custom graphical pages designed using the Indigo Pro graphical editor.

Secure Internet Access

Unlike other solutions, Indigo has optional secure built-in access to your smart home from anywhere in the world. This access provides encrypted communication between Indigo Touch and your Indigo server for complete security. No need for any router configuration in your home or dynamic DNS services.

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Free Trial

We offer a free 30-day trial of Indigo for you to evaluate. A trial registration code will automatically be emailed to you once the form is submitted.

About the Free Trial

The trial version is a time-limited but fully functional Indigo Pro license with a single exception: the number of devices is limited to 20 (the maximum number supported by Indigo Lite). This limitation is not modifiable, but 20 devices should be a reasonable number to test a variety of devices to see how well Indigo works.

The software will not run without a valid registration code and valid first/last name. Personal information collected on this site will absolutely not be sold or made available to third parties. We may contact you a few times per year to alert you of upgrades, new products, or specials. If you do not wish to be contacted, then please contact us after you register.

If you have previously registered for a trial version of Indigo 6, you will not be able to use this form to get a new trial. Please contact us using the form below and request an extension to your current trial.

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Company Information

About Us


The mission of Indigo Domotics is to provide the most advanced do-it-yourself (DIY) smart home platform available. We believe that sophisticated smart home automation shouldn't be restricted to the expensive professionally installed market. Instead, we work very hard to balance ease-of-use with advanced capabilities. Our goal for Indigo is to integrate the various automation protocols and the Internet of Things (IoT) into a single synergistic platform.


We have been in business since 2002 providing smart home software for the Mac. The Indigo software platform has been the primary product for the life of the company and has steadily become the most reliable and expandable product in the DIY market on any platform.

The Team

The company was originally founded by Matt Bendiksen. Matt has over 24 years of professional software development experience. Formerly, Matt was a Director of Engineering at Macromedia, Inc. While at Macromedia Matt led teams of Macintosh and Windows software engineers in the successful development of commercial software currently used by millions of design professionals. Matt is also the primary inventor on United States Patent No. 6,373,490.

In 2008, Jay Martin joined Indigo Domotics. Jay has over 27 years of industry experience, most recently as Vice President of Engineering at CyberSource Corporation (now a Visa company). CyberSource was one of the first e-commerce payment companies, processing billions of transactions and still has best-in-class fraud management tools for which Jay was primarily responsible. At CyberSource, Jay built and led a world-class engineering team that delivered high availability systems with intuitive web-based management tools.

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