Announcing Indigo 7.2 August 28, 2018

The changes in 7.2 can be grouped into 5 categories:

  • New General Features and Usability Improvements
  • New Z-Wave Devices and Fixes
  • New Insteon Device Features
  • Plugin Changes
  • Developer API Changes

Check out the Indigo 7.2 Release Notes for a list of all changes. Please note the name and path changes mentioned at the top of that list.

We’ve implemented a bunch of general features that have been on the request list for a long time. On the usability side there is now a button on Triggers and Schedules that will first evaluate conditions then (if appropriate) execute the actions. Additionally, you can now see the delays associated with actions when viewing the action list. This makes it easier to see the order in which they will execute. The plugin menu itself now also shows at a glance if a plugin is enabled. Check the release notes for a complete list.

In this release we’ve added support for several dozen new Z-Wave devices from a variety of manufacturers including Aeotec, Devolo, Dome, Inovelli, and Zooz. Of particular note is support for the new HomeSeer Switches (HS-WD200+ and HS-WS200+). These switches (unfortunately only available in North America) have quickly become our favorite switches. The full list of new devices supported can be found in the Indigo 7.2 Release Notes.

While not many new Insteon devices have been released, we have added a few new features to existing devices: the default ON level and ramp rate can now be set in the UI for the PAR 38 and 8 Watt LED bulbs, you can now specify 0 (OFF) for brightness of the LEDs on Insteon devices (only newer versions allow for them to be off completely), you can set the timeout for the new Motion Sensor II, and we’ve added support for a variant of the EZX10RF.

We have a couple of plugin changes. We’ve added the ability to filter errors in the Error in Event Log event in the SQL Logger plugin by specifying a string (or even a regular expression) so triggering events from event log errors is even more flexible. We’ve also updated the WeatherSnoop plugin to support WeatherSnoop 4. At the same time, we’ve laid the groundwork for turning development and support of the plugin over to the WeatherSnoop team. This will allow them to release updated versions of the plugin at the same time the make changes to the WeatherSnoop app.

One thing that we didn’t do in 7.2 which we had previously announced is to deprecate AppleScript. Since macOS 10.14 (Mojave) continues to support 32-bit applications we decided to leave the server as a 32-bit app for one more release which allows us to keep AppleScript support in for 7.2.x. Warning: AppleScript will definitely be deprecated in a future version, so head over to the Help Converting from AppleScript forum, post your script and you’ll find plenty of people that will help you with the conversion.

We believe this is a great release, one which positions us for the future. As we promised back when we introduced Indigo 7 and the Up-to-Date Subscription model, we are now releasing significant new features at a faster pace. Indigo 7.1 was released less than a year after 7.0, and 7.2 is also less than a year after 7.1. And we believe that we're going to get even better as we settle in to this new faster release pace.

One thing of note: this is also the first release that may not be available to all Indigo 7 customers. Specifically, if you’ve allowed your Up-to-Date Subscription to lapse, you won’t have access to Indigo 7.2. There are several ways for you to check: select the Indigo 7->License Details… menu item and it will show a window with the details of your subscription. You can also check the Licenses section of your Indigo Account and it will show the subscription status and the last version that you have access to. And finally you can go to the new Downloads Page and it will show you which releases you can download and run.

No lapsed subscriptions are yet past their catch-up time window (as of 9/28/2018), so you can still catch up your subscription to get access to Indigo 7.2. We encourage you to do so – the subscription system is our way of being able to continue to bring you new features and functionality in a faster way.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy 7.2!

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