Developer: Indigo Domotics
Category: Weather and Environmental Sensors
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Plugin ID: com.perceptiveautomation.indigoplugin.weathersnoop
  Included with the latest Indigo release

This plugin allows you to get data from the WeatherSnoop application into Indigo. You may create as many “Weather Station” devices as you like - one for each instance of WeatherSnoop that you have (WeatherSnoop 2.x only supports one station at a time, WeatherSnoop 3/4 can have multiple stations known as agents). WeatherSnoop, with it's ability to connect to local weather station hardware (it supports a wide variety of hardware) and to Weather Underground, is a great way to get weather data into Indigo for use in your home automation logic. You can start with using a local Weather Underground station and add weather hardware later if you want more accurate data.

Each station will have a variety of device states that hold information that can be used in triggers, conditions, and on control pages.