Nissan Leaf  

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Plugin ID: com.drjason.nissanleaf
Latest release: v0.2.1 released on Nov. 28, 2017 (this release is only compatible with Indigo 2022.2 and earlier)
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0 thru v2022.2
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Plugin for Indigo home automation software to support Nissan Leaf API.

Embeds several Python libraries: * pycarwings2: Python library for invoking the API from Nissan * PyYAML: YAML support; only used for logging at the moment, so it may be removed in a later version

Known Limitations

  • Only supports a single Nissan Leaf per login account
  • "start charging" action has been implemented, but not yet tested
  • Doesn't read current climate control state (because I'm not sure how to determine it)
  • Icons don't display next to the Leaf device. I'm setting them based on the current status of the battery and charger, but they don't show up. I presume this is an Indigo issue, given the note in the Indigo API documentation: note Indigo Touch and Indigo client UI do not currently have icons for every image selector listed below.
  • The plugin only updates once every fifteen minutes; this is to avoid causing heavy usage on the Nissan API endpoint (see previous point about unreliability) and to "stay beneath the radar" as the API access is through unofficial means.
Release details
Released on: Nov. 28, 2017
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0 thru v2022.2
Changes in this release

Nissan's API has changed so sometimes it doesn't send information about climate control. Modified the plugin to handle this circumstance.