Smartphone Radar  

Developer: Travis' Plugins
Category: Location and Presence
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Plugin ID: com.frightideas.indigoplugin.smartphoneradar2
Latest release: v1.1.3 released on June 23, 2013 (this release is only compatible with Indigo 2022.2 and earlier)
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0 thru v2022.2
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Smartphone Radar allows you to keep track of when your family's smartphones were last seen on your network. Since our phones are generally always with us, it's a fairly reliable way of letting Indigo make some clever decisions. Some examples might be:

  1. All the family members are not home yet, leave the porch lights on a little later tonight.
  2. Nobody has been home for hours, might as well adjust the HVAC to save some cash.
  3. It's really late and your daughter is still not back from her date, maybe Indigo should wake you up and let you know she broke curfew.
  4. It's dark outside and nobody is home, maybe Indigo should play with the lights to help ward off potential burglars.
Release details
Released on: June 23, 2013
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0 thru v2022.2
Changes in this release

This is the first release to go into the Indigo Plugin Store.