Dayton Audio Controller  

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Category: A/V and IR Equipment
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Plugin ID: com.duncanware.daytonAudioController
Latest release: v2023.10.0 released on Oct. 8, 2023
Release downloaded: 0 times
Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0 or higher
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This Indigo plugin allows Indigo to control the DAX66 6-Source/6-Zone Distributed Audio System from Dayton Audio. Thanks to a robust protocol, this plugin is able to both read and set nearly every aspect of the receiver such as zone power, volume, treble, bass, and more.

Release details
Released on: Oct. 8, 2023
Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0+
Downloaded: 0 times 
Changes in this release


Release details
Released on: June 19, 2016
Requires: Indigo v6.0.0 thru v2022.2
Changes in this release
  • Fixed bug in the power on/off display of zones
  • Changed zone display and slider operation to be a scaled volume (0-100 translates to 0-38 on the device). You may still set/read the raw volume value with the volume state and actions
Release details
Released on: April 23, 2016
Requires: Indigo v6.0.0 thru v2022.2
Changes in this release

Updated code in order to reduce the logging level of the requests library in the latest Indigo release.