Airfoil Pro  

Developer: Indigo Domotics
Category: A/V and IR Equipment
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Plugin ID: com.perceptiveautomation.indigoplugin.airfoilpro
  Included with the latest Indigo release

Airfoil is a great application from Rogue Amoeba that allows you to stream sound from your Mac or Windows computer to any combination of Airplay Devices, bluetooth speakers, and Airfoil satellite clients (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux) - and it keeps it all in sync. Many Indigo users use it in conjunction with Apple TVs, Airport Expresses, and other computers and iOS devices to create whole-home audio systems, all streaming from your Mac/Windows computer running iTunes or other music applications.

Airfoil v5 has a new API that enables a much more reliable and capable integration with Indigo. It works with both Airfoil 5 on Mac and Windows and can work with as many Airfoil instances as there are on your network.

Note: this plugin requires v1.5 or later of the Airfoil API. This was delivered in Airfoil 5 for Mac and Windows. If you need support for earlier versions of Airfoil for Mac, please see the legacy Airfoil plugin that we open-sourced. Note, however, that it may not work with Indigo 7.