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Category: Location and Presence
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Plugin ID: se.furtenbach.indigo.plugin.beacon
Latest release: v2022.1.3 released on Feb. 25, 2023
Release downloaded: 2 times
Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0 or higher
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This plugin is based on the Beacon plugin by Fredrik Furtenbach last updated in 2016.

It has been updated for Indigo 2022.X (Python 3). It now uses the Indigo Reflector service and does require port forwarding to be set up.

Instead of a port number in the plugin config dialog you must provide a Reflector API key.
See for more information. On plugin startup, the URL to be used in the mobile apps will be displayed. It will look something like this:

You must copy the entire URL to the mobile app. I recommend using email, SMS, or Notes to copy it to your devices.

Minimum Indigo Version 2022.1
Python Library (API) None
Requires Local Network No
Requires Internet Yes
Hardware Interface None

The plugin has (currently) been tested with the Locative and Geofency mobile apps. It should work with other apps that the original Beacon plugin supported.

Release details
Released on: Feb. 25, 2023
Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0+
Downloaded: 2 times 
Changes in this release

Fix unintentional change to Info.plist

Release details
Released on: Feb. 25, 2023
Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0+
Downloaded: 1 times 
Changes in this release

Bug fixes.

Release details
Released on: Dec. 8, 2017
Requires: Indigo v6.0.19 thru v2022.2
Downloaded: 0 times 
Changes in this release

This is the first release after we forked the project from the original author into our open source repo. We bumped the version number, added an icon, a license (the Unlicense), and tweaked the README. No functionality was changed.