UPS and Battery Monitor  

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Category: Energy Monitoring
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Plugin ID: com.schollnick.indigoplugin.BatteryMonitor
Latest release: v2023.0.0 released on Nov. 6, 2023
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Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0 or higher
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What is Indigo?

Indigo is a Home Automation Platform by Indigo Domotics (

What is Battery & UPS Monitor plugin (For Indigo)?

The Battery & UPS Monitor plugin will allow Indigo to monitor any UPS that can natively connect to macOS (typically through USB). This plugin uses the UPS support built-in to the Energy Saver System Preference to monitor the status of your UPS and/or Laptop battery.

What can you do with this?

By creating a trigger you can monitor the status of the UPS, and send Emails, or perform actions depending on the power or battery condition.

Release details
Released on: Nov. 6, 2023
Requires: Indigo v2022.1.0+
Downloaded: 0 times 
Changes in this release

Python3 support

Release details
Released on: Dec. 3, 2017
Requires: Indigo v5.0.0 thru v2022.2
Changes in this release

This is the First Release for the Indigo Plugin Store