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Looking for some cool graphics for your Control Pages? Want to integrate your smart home with other software? Need to see some example Indigo Python scripts to help you get started?

Below are some great user contributions for working with Indigo in different ways. Additionally, some of these are excellent tutorials-by-example, so fire up your favorite editor and see how they work. Be sure to check out the Plugin Store for more direct integrations with Indigo from our amazing third party developers.

 Do you have a script, some graphics, or other things that you'd like to share? It's easy to add new items to the library.
Disclaimer: Indigo Domotics does not guarantee the usefulness, quality, or safety of any scripts on this page. We have personally used a few of these contributions, but be careful and use common sense when installing and using any software or scripts.
Type Name Version Overview

Graphics & Icons

256px Weather Icons for NOAA Indigo 6.x-7

281 NOAA images. Lots are duplicate. For all the percentage icons, I used 50% as the cut-off. Example: Partial Sun 40% chance of rain = Partial Sun icon. Once the % is 50 or higher = cloud w/ rain icon.

Graphics & Icons

Alternative Weather Icons Indigo 5.x-6


Here's a complete, I hope, set of NOAA weather icons that are named as the originals for ease of use.

Aside from being different graphically I have also modified the icons that are below a 50% probability to not reflect that weather

condition and instead show a "Fair" condition. IMHO it's more accurate to show the most likely condition to occur.



Google Weather Sync Indigo 2.x-4.x

The script runs as a background task (see Setup for details), polling for the current and forecast weather using Google Weather API. If successful in obtaining the weather data, the script populates Indigo variables with a prefix "Google_Weather_".


NOAA Weather Announcer Indigo 5.x-6

AppleScript to read the NOAA Weather Web Text, clean it up, and read it out loud.

I have my Mac Mini connected to the whole house audio, so each morning I like the weather forecast read over the audio. This is what I created, with help from websites noted in the script.


NOAA Weather Script Indigo 3.x only

This is the script that's shipping with Indigo 4.1 (so don't download it unless you're using Indigo 3). It hasn't been tested with Indigo 3, but some users have reported that it works, so we're just providing it here.


Spoken Weather Forecast (ver 1.0.1) Indigo 2.x-4.x

This script downloads and speaks a weather forecast from through your computers speakers.
Note: This script expects the weather report to be in English. That is reasonable since the documentation and support pages for Indigo are in English and it is probably safe to assume that if you found this script you speak some English. BUT: If you would like to use a language other than English for your reports, this script can be tuned to other languages and alternative web sites. If you need help doing this, post your request to the Indigo "Indigo & Applescript" forum. Update 1.0.1 includes revised instructions for locations outside the US and Canada and corrects a minor error in the instructions on changing the number of periods reported.

Graphics & Icons

Updated Weather Icons 2 Indigo 5.x-6

Just a set of weather icons that are a bit larger and include a couple graphic fixes.

IndigoWebServer Plug-In

Weather Display Mac - Indigo Webserver (IWS) Plug-in Indigo 2.x-4.x

This plug-in allows Weather Display fMac data integration with Indigo Web Server (IWS).

Weather Display is the most popular weather station software on the Windows PC and now has been ported to the Mac. It supports a myriad of personal weather station hardware from almost all manufacturers  (Davis, Lacross, Irox, Oregon Scientific, Ultimeter, Weather Hawk, Rainwise, Texas Instruments, Dallas 1-wire, and others) as well as Internet based weather sources.

And it now supports data transfer straight in to Indigo variables. Read more about WD Mac here:

The WDMac Plugin goes to work as soon as you install it, waiting for the data you have specified to arrive from Weather Display. If the variable has not been created the plugin will do that for you also, and name the variable based on the field definition you configured in Weather Display. Very cool.

Graphics & Icons

Weather Icons Indigo 4.x-6

A set of weather icons I put togerther using transparent backgrounds.

Graphics & Icons

Weather Icons for Weather Underground Indigo 2.x-4.x

A collection of nice weather icons as transparent PNG's for use with the Weather Underground script.


Weather Underground Query Script v2.5.4 Indigo 2.x-6

The Wunderground Script will poll a Wunderground Airport Station and/or PWS (Personal Weather Station) and retreive the latest weather information for the specified station code. Data from the PWS and Airport stations can be merged. If more than one PWS is specified, and good data is not available for the first PWS, the script will try the additional PWSs  in order until good data is found. The weather information will be saved into Indigo Variables. Support is provided for weather icons to indicate the current conditions. A basic set of Wunderground icons is included.

Changes in V2.5.4

This update corrects a formatting bug in the Wunderground daily metric precipitation data.


WeatherCat to Indigo Data Indigo 6.x-7

WeatherCat monitors your current weather using a sensor array and a console, like a Davis Envoy. There are many other sensors and consoles that it supports.

Using the XML file below as a template, WeatherCat populates another file with realtime data. Please see the WeatherCat documentation for details. There are many more values you could add or delete to suit your situation. The .py file is used by Indigo to push the realtime data into indigo variables.


WeatherSnoop capture script Indigo 2.x-4.x

This script will initiate a telnet session to WeatherSnoop, capture its output, and parse it into Indigo variables.

It will create the variables as needed, each of which will be prefixed by "ws_".


WeatherSnoop using AppleScript verbiage Indigo 2.x-4.x

This script pulls data from WeatherSnoop which is hopefully connected to weather station hardware