Howto update from Aeotec gen2 to Aeotec Gen5 or UZB without rebuilding your  (Miscellaneous)

Contributed by: Wilhelm Speck


A backup of the Aeotec stick is not available. So we cannot directly move the network to the new controller by simply unload and reload. The only way to move the network to the new Gen5 (or UZB) stick is to use the old Zensys Tool named ZwaveController.


What you will need to complete the instructions in this guide:

  • A Windows PC or a Parallels Installation with at least Windows 7
  • Two Gen5 Sticks, or alternatively two UZB1 from which we will have a spare controller at the end.
  • ZenSys Tool ZWaveController
  • Aeotec Backup Tool
  • your favourite Hex Editor