Xytronix Temperature Module - Update Version 2.0   (Script)

Contributed by: Christopher Galfo


The Xytronix Temperature module can read up to 4 electronic thermometers and this AppleScript passes the temperature readings along to Indigo. The Temperature Module connects to your Local Area Network (or via the internet with proper routing).

Getting accurate and reliable temperature data is an important part of improving overall energy efficiency. Automatically controlling windows, shutters and shades, whole-house fans, heat exchangers, solar hot water", and much more is possible using Indigo, AppleScript and the Xytronix Temperature module.


Create a Trigger Action of Type "Indigo Server Startup" and select an Action Type of "Execute AppleScript" that executes this script file. This script will then start as a separate process and provide temperature updates automatically as long as the Indigo Server is running. Indigo Server automatically terminates the script when it shuts down. As an alternative, the script can be placed in an "execute once" mode to be triggered by an Indigo event of your own design.


Since AppleScript can cary out much more complex data manipulations than Indigo can, you may want to modify this script to compute temperature differences, trends, etc. and report the results to Indigo via additional variables of your own creation. Indigo could also examine these variables and cary out complex control requests based on their values.

For detailed information on the Xytronix Temperature Module itself, see:


or download a user's manual: