Indigo Touch Radio Control Page with Dynamic Buttons  (Script)

Contributed by: ham


This is a tutorial for creating a radio control page for your AV or whole- house audio system. Because it is based on presets, it is easy to update new stations. To eliminate page clutter, this control page uses dynamically updated buttons that change to the appropriate stations depending on if AM or FM is selected.


The zip file includes an MS Word document with screenshots, the applescript for control (which you may need to adapt to your system) and an iRed driver for the Sony XDR-F1HD tuner. Download the zip file and read the document. Figure out how you're going to control your system, e.g. IR, RS232, TCPIP etc. If you decide to use iRed and the Sony, you're almost home. Create the variables and the page and check it out.


This page is used to control your radio, or any similar piece of equipment.