Qubino Flush Micro Dimmer ( ZMNHDD )

Added to Indigo in: Indigo 7 v7.0.0
Supports Routing:
Supports Associations:
Supports Beaming:

According to this module's manual, for Input 2 and Input 3 broadcasts back to Indigo you must: 1) Include the module in Indigo and perform the sync process (just like normal). During the sync Indigo will automatically enable I2 (and I3) endpoints configuration. 2) Exclude the module from Indigo's Z-Wave Controller (but do NOT delete the device from Indigo). 3) Wait 30+ seconds. 4) Re-include the module into the Z-Wave Controller. 5) Re-sync the newly included node ID in Indigo to the original device. If the sync fails with a timeout, then the module may be in a bad state where it reports it supports the endpoint command class, but then failing to reply to endpoint commands. If this occurs, repeat steps #2 through #5.