Qubino Flush 1D Micro Relay ( ZMNHND )

Added to Indigo in: Indigo 7 v7.0.0
Supports Routing:
Supports Associations:
Supports Beaming:

According to this module's manual, for Input 2 broadcasts back to Indigo you must: 1) Include the module in Indigo and perform the sync process (just like normal). During the sync Indigo will automatically enable I2 endpoints configuration. 2) Exclude the module from Indigo's Z-Wave Controller (but do NOT delete the device from Indigo). 3) Wait 30+ seconds. 4) Re-include the module into the Z-Wave Controller. 5) Re-sync the newly included node ID in Indigo to the original device. If the sync fails with a timeout, then the module may be in a bad state where it reports it supports the endpoint command class, but then failing to reply to endpoint commands. If this occurs, repeat steps #2 through #5.