FIBARO System RGBW Controller ( FGRGBWM )

Added to Indigo in: Indigo 6 v6.0.12
Supports Routing:
Supports Associations:
Supports Beaming:

Indigo creates 5 devices for this module: Composite, Red, Green, Blue, and White. You can use the latter 4 to set a specific color components and brightness. The Composite device will then, when turned ON or OFF (or brightness is changed), use those color components. Note the Turn On and Turn Off commands don't appear to work reliably when sent to the color component devices (Red, Green, Blue, and White). You can, however, reliably set the brightness of each component with the brightness slider or a Set Brightness action. Also note the Turn On and Turn Off commands do work when sent to the Composite device (the problem is only with the component devices).