Announcing Indigo 7.5 December 21, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of Indigo 7.5.0. The primary focus of this release is Z-Wave. The majority of our users use Z-Wave as either their primary automation technology or as part of their overall solution, so we decided to focus our time at the communication level to improve performance and reliability in several scenarios. Those efforts have resulted in most Z-Wave operations being significantly faster. For instance, a multi-sensor (HSM200) device sync in Indigo 7.5 with the Aeotec Z-Stick GEN 5+ takes only 2.65 seconds compared to 6.43 seconds in version 7.4. Likewise, sending 250 sequential status requests (and waiting for replies for each one) in Indigo 7.5 takes only 13.1 seconds compared to over 75 seconds in version 7.4. While your mileage may vary, we can confidently say that Indigo 7.5's Z-Wave performance is significantly faster and more reliable in most scenarios.

We've also added support for dozens of Z-Wave devices from a variety of manufacturers including Aeotec, Devolo, Enerwave, Eva Logik, Everspring, Fibaro, GE, HeatIt, Honeywell, Inovelli, Leviton, Merten, Monoprice, Neo, Philio, Quibino, Swidget, Wink, Yale, Zipato and Zooz. And we've added support for additional controllers, including the Aeotec Z-Stick GEN 5+ and, even more importantly, the Aeotec Z-Stick 7, which promises even more performance gains.

To compliment some new devices from Inovelli and Zooz, we've added some brand-specific actions that allow you to mange the LEDs on some of their devices (much like we added for HomeSeer switches). The Inovelli Red series switches have a great notification feature which allows you to set the color, behavior (solid, flash, pulse, chase, etc), and brightness with an automatic timeout which reverts back to the original settings. It's a great feature that we're sure many of you will put to good use! Let us know on the forums how you are using it. All in all, Indigo's Z-Wave support got a lot of attention in this release, and we've got additional Z-Wave functionality under development we are looking forward to releasing in 2021.

We've also added a new preference to set the font size of the text in the Event Log window, and improvements to the run sprinkler UI. We've squashed several bugs and added a workaround for a macOS security bug that prevented scripts/plugins that attempt to run AppleScripts from working. We also added some features/improvements to the SQL Logger plugin. An often requested feature is to match the On state of a device to the state of an Insteon KeypadLinc button, so that's now available as well.

For developers we've added some new APIs to help with plugin discovery, and added the ability to specify standard Python logger log levels (INFO, WARNING, and ERROR) which will display the text in the event log window as black, orange, and red respectively. We also fixed a couple of bugs and improved some value types.

Check out the Indigo 7.5 Release Notes for a list of all the improvements. Please note the app name and folder path changes mentioned at the top of that list.

Note: this release may not be available to all Indigo customers for free. Specifically, if you've allowed your Up-to-Date Subscription to lapse, you won't have access to Indigo 7.5. Select the Indigo 7->License Details... menu item to see the details of your subscription. You can also check the Licenses section of your Indigo Account to see the subscription status and the last version you are eligible to use, or you can go to the new Downloads Page (make sure you're logged in to your Indigo Account) to see which releases you can download and use.

Many expired subscriptions are not yet past their catch-up deadline date, so you may be able to catch up your subscription to get access to Indigo 7.5 (otherwise you'll need to purchase a new license). We encourage you to do so - the subscription system is our way of continuing to bring you new features and functionality in a timely fashion.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope you enjoy 7.5!

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