The Indigo Plugin Store December 08, 2017

We’re very happy to announce the Indigo Plugin Store, available immediately on our website. The store allows you to filter by category or search using keywords to easily find that perfect plugin. We already have well over a hundred plugins available on the store and we’re working with our developer community to get the rest moved over from the old Plugin List.

Each plugin’s detail page contains a description of the plugin, links to help/support resources for the plugin, a list of available releases, and a download link.

We’ve expanded and clarified the categories as follows:

  • A/V and IR Equipment - plugins that support typical home theater components, audio distribution, or otherwise control media playback.
  • Digital/Analog I/O Modules - if you want to control analog or digital outputs or get data from digital or analog inputs, this is the category you should look in.
  • Energy Monitoring - these plugins will help you monitor energy usage in a variety of ways.
  • Events and Actions - Indigo plugins can add events (triggers) and actions to Indigo as well as adding device types. Plugins that only provide events and/or actions can be categorized here if none of the other categories seem right.
  • Fan, Shade, and Blinds - this special subset of devices represent hardware that has a motor to control. Some of them, like ceiling fans, have a fixed set of “positions”. Others, like blinds, shades, and curtains, can have a variable number of positions.
  • Hubs and Protocol Bridges - with the proliferation of home automation APIs, many types of smart home hubs can be integrated with Indigo. The same goes for protocols and control devices.
  • IP Communications - because Indigo plugins are powered by the Python language, any IP (network) service can be integrated easily.
  • Irrigation Controllers - sprinkler control is something a lot of users want. These plugins expand sprinkler control beyond Insteon and X10 hardware.
  • Lighting - traditionally, lighting was the mainstay for home automation and is the primary focus of technologies like the built-in Z-Wave and Insteon. However, there are other lighting technologies and other ways to control lighting that these plugins provide.
  • Location and Presence - want your smart home to automatically do things based on occupancy? This is the category for you.
  • Notification & Messaging - these plugins go well beyond sending an email when something happens, including push notifications.
  • Pool Controls - yes, you can actually control your pool from Indigo.
  • Reporting/UI/Control Pages - one of the most interesting usages of a smart home system is presenting information and custom control. Browsing this category may lead you to some cool new ideas you hadn’t thought of.
  • Security & Locks - another of the most popular usages of smart home technology is to enhance the security of your home. These plugins integrate traditional alarm panels, security cameras, locks, garage door controllers, etc.
  • Thermostat and HVAC - another of the traditional smart home accessories are connected thermostats. Find your connected thermostat here if it doesn’t use Z-Wave or Insteon.
  • Virtual Devices and Scenes - our developer community is amazingly creative, and in particular when it comes to creating device types that are aggregates of other devices (groups). These plugins also add extra scene capabilities as well as integrate external data sources into device objects.
  • Weather - adding weather data to a smart home allows you to do all sorts of creative automation (don’t run the sprinkler when it’s raining outside).
  • Miscellaneous - when a plugin doesn’t fit into one of the above category, this is where you’ll find it. Browse around and you may find something you didn’t know you needed!

The plugin store was the first of several steps that will enhance the user experience of finding and managing Indigo plugins. Expect to see more new features introduced in the future.

A big thanks to all of our fantastic developers for creating the best smart home ecosystem in the industry!

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