Indigo 7 Sneak Peek: Airfoil Pro March 24, 2016

With Indigo 7 (release date TBD) we will be introducing a completely new plugin for Airfoil called Airfoil Pro. We know there are a lot of customers using Airfoil along with Indigo to create a great whole-house audio system. The new plugin will make this even better. First, we're using a new network-based API introduced in Airfoil 5 which is significantly more reliable than the older AppleScript-based API. It provides better and more reliable communication and has the advantage of being able to communicate with any instance of Airfoil running on your network.

Which leads us to the second big improvement: an Airfoil device type, which will represent an instance of Airfoil with full properties, etc. You can have multiple instances since the plugin can talk to any number of instances running on different Macs in your home. For example, if you have a Mac in the kitchen as well as one in your office then you can create and target unique devices for each.

We will also ensure support for all the new features in Airfoil 5 such as bluetooth speakers and speaker groups.

There are a number of other features we're looking into, including one big one we hope we can pull off that many of you have been asking for, but we're gonna keep those to ourselves. Gotta leave room for some surprises! While we don't yet have a release date for Indigo 7, we're definitely making progress. Stay tuned!

And a reminder: any purchase of Indigo (full license or upgrade) made on or after November 27, 2015 qualifies for a free upgrade to Indigo 7. So, if you're waiting to purchase or upgrade, now is a great time to get a jump start with Indigo.

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