iRobot-iRoomba Plugin  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Glenn Hawken


Roomba 980 Plugin for Indigodomo (

Indigodomo Plugin to control and update status on one or many iRobot iRoomba 980s Robot Vacuum cleaners.

Have updated and rewritten older Plugin to support the new recently changed iRoomba mqtt communication protocol. (as of firmware v.2.2.9-1 20th May 2017). This was helped a lot by a recent python library for roomba control and the previous plugin - with thanks!


Download and install

Needs paho-mqtt python library installed.

In terminal Window pip install paho-mqtt

Create new iRoomba Device (using IP address of Robot) Follow instructions to generate password Once generated can send actions to robot and its status is continuously updated.


Double Click to install.

More information:

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