Lutron RadioRA 2 / Caseta plugin  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Jim Lombardo


This plugin allows you to control Lutron RadioRA 2 repeaters, Caseta Smart Bridge PRO and compatible devices from Indigo.  It should also work with devices on a Lutron HomeWorks QS system, although this hasn't been tested.


Download the plugin zip file and double-click it to expand. Double-click the Lutron RadioRA 2 plugin to install it. You can connect your Indigo server to a RadioRA 2 repeater by either serial (preferred) or IP Ethernet. Caseta Smart Bridge PRO only supports ethernet connection. The initial configuration dialog will prompt you to specify a serial port or IP connection. If you check the option for IP, you must enter a valid username and password. For Caseta systems, this is the telnet login, not the login you use for the Caseta app.


  1. Every RadioRA 2 device has a unique Integration ID, which you will need to identify it to Indigo.  You can get a text or XML file containing all the device IDs by running an integration report from the RadioRA 2 Essentials software or by downloading an XML file from the main repeater at this url: http://[Repeater IP Address]/DbXmlInfo.xml. Casseta users can use the Lutron App to email an integration report to themselves.
    1. Dimmers, Switches,  Fans, Thermostats, etc. can be added by clicking the New button on the Indigo Device panel and specifying the device’s integration ID.
    2. For motorized shades, 100% represents fully open and 0% is fully closed.
    3. In the current plugin implementation phantom buttons and phantom LEDs get assigned to the same Indigo device. Button IDs are in the range of 1-100 and LED IDs are 101-200. Each phantom button has a corresponding led. For example, LED 101 is assigned to button 1. To add a button/LED pair to Indigo, specify the integration ID of the LED. Generally, you will want to monitor the status of LEDs, not the keypad buttons themselves.
    4. Operating and monitoring status of the Lutron devices from Indigo should be self-explanatory.