APC Metered Rack PDU  

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Category: Energy Monitoring
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Plugin ID: pro.sleepers.indigoplugin.apc-rack-pdu
Latest release: v1.2.0 released on Nov. 23, 2018 (this release is only compatible with Indigo 2022.2 and earlier)
Requires: Indigo v7.0.2 thru v2022.2
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Indigo Plugin: APC Metered Rack PDU

This device can be connected to an optional temperature and humidity sensor.

With this plugin, you can read the energy usage, temperature and humidity sensors from an APC Metered Rack PDU.


This particular device does not allow control or energy readings of individual outlets. The energy readings are aggregate and the temperature sensor is optional. If you'd like support for other devices, hit me up, and lets work on it.

See the GitHub repo for a couple pictures.


  1. Clone or download this repo.
  2. Double-click the included plugin file.
  3. Install and Enable the Plugin.
  4. Add a New Device, Select APC Rack PDU then APC Metered Rack PDU.
  5. Enter the IP address, username and password for your PDU.
  6. If you have the temp sensor, select 1 for Temperature and Humidity Sensor Counts.
  7. It should work. If it does not work, check that you can ssh from command line.


Release details
Released on: Nov. 23, 2018
Requires: Indigo v7.0.2 thru v2022.2
Changes in this release

This is the first public release. Please report bugs in the Issue Tracker on Github.

I made a significant amount of change to the plugin before release. There could be bugs, but I've tested most functions and it seems solid. I've been using this for nearly a year with great success. I run an air conditioner using the temperature sensor; it's wildly accurate. Good luck!