TiVo Network Remote  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: RogueProeliator


This plugin allows Indigo to act as a remote control for a network-connected TiVo Digital Video Recorder. Virtually every command/button found on the standard remote may be sent to TiVo as well as several additional commands not found on the OEM remote.


  1. Download the plugin, saving it to your hard drive (see the More Info link for download instructions)
  2. Unzip the download if your browser does not automatically do this for you
  3. Double click the .indigoPlugin file to install and/or upgrade the plugin
  4. If you have not already done so, enable Network control of your TiVo within the TiVo's software; the More Information link has more detailed instructions on doing this.
  5. Create an Indigo device

It is highly recommended that you read the Introduction and Installation post, available via the More Info link, to be sure that you properly setup both the TiVo and the device in Indigo.


Create a control page to execute your control actions! A sample control page, and the graphics to create those pages, are available via the More Information link... this link also has an overview of the available actions that your control page can execute.