Pioneer Receiver  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Nathan Sheldon


The main highlights of the Pioneer Receiver plugin are:

  • Full Featured Status Information: Nearly every parameter published by Pioneer has a corresponding device state or property within each Indigo device created using the plugin. This allows for virtually unlimited Indigo triggering and control page options based on receiver changes.
  • Basic & Advanced Actions: Both basic and advanced Indigo actions are included in the plugin, from toggling power, setting volume, and selecting input sources to selecting MCACC Memory settings and sending raw commands to the receiver.
  • Non-Interference: Using the plugin will not interfere with Pioneer's iOS apps. Changes made to the receiver from the IR remote, front panel and iOS apps are reflected in the Pioneer Receiver plugin device states and vice-versa.
  • Virtual Volume Controller: Create any number of "Virtual Volume Controller" devices which appear as native dimmer devices in Indigo. Virtual Volume Controllers can


Download the latest version to the computer on which Indigo server is installed. If the zip file did not automatically expand, double-click on it to unzip it. Double-click the resulting "Pioneer Receiver.indigoPlugin" file. The Indigo client will open and prompt you to install the plugin. Click the option to install and enable it. You'll then be prompted to configure the plugin. The only configuration option is to enable debugging, which you won't want to do unless troubleshooting a problem, so just click the Save button. All done!


(See additional information URL for usage details).