Dimmer Extender  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Nathan Sheldon


Dimmer Extender extends Indigo's functionality by adding the ability to specify a different dimming/brightening rate each time you set the brightness of a SmartLabs INSTEON dimmer. It also allows you to create Indigo triggers based on the start and stop brightening and dimming INSTEON commands not normally triggerable through Indigo Pro.


Download the Dimmer Extender zip file to the computer running the Indigo server. If the file is not already unzipped, double-click the .zip file to unzip it. Open the folder that is expanded from the zip file and double-click the Dimmer Extender.indigoPlugin file. The Indigo client will open and prompt to install the plugin. Click the option to install and enable the plugin. You'll be prompted to configure the plugin. The only configuration is to enable debugging. You won't want to do this unless trouble-shooting a problem, so just click OK. All done!

Dimmer Extender is compatible with Indigo 6 as well.


Within any Indigo action dialog (from a Trigger, Action Group, Schedule, Control Page action, etc), with Indigo 5, set the action "Type" to "Plugin". Select "Dimmer Extender" as the plugin to use. For Indigo 6, simply go to the "Device Actions" menu and the "Dimmer Extender Actions" sub-menu. Select the Action "Set Brightness with Ramp Rate" (the only action available). Choose a device from the "Device" menu that appears. Click "Edit Action Settings...". Follow the instructions in the "Configure Set Brightness with Ramp Rate" dialog that appears.

When createing an INSTEON Start/Stop Brightening/Dimming trigger, within Indigo 5, select "Plugin" as the event Type. With Indigo 6, select "Dimmer Extender Events" from the Type menu. Select the brightening/dimming event type. Click Edit Event Settings and select the INSTEON dimmer device you want the trigger to be based on. Select the Button or Group to monitor. Not all devices send commands on all 8 groups listed. For example, the SwitchLinc Dimmer only sends button/group 1 commands. A 4-button RemoteLinc 2 only sends on button/groups 1 through 4 and an 8-button RemoteLinc 2 sends on all 8 button/groups. The 6-button KeypadLinc Dimmer and Relay send on button/groups 1 through 6 while the 8-button versions send on all 8 button/groups. Be sure to test the trigger after selecting the button/group to be sure it is being triggered off the correct button.