Smartphone Radar  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Travis Cook


Smartphone Radar allows you to keep track of when your family's smartphones were last seen on your network. Since our phones are generally always with us, it's a fairly reliable way of letting Indigo make some clever decisions.  Some examples might be:

1. All the family members are not home yet, leave the porch lights on a little later tonight.

2. Nobody has been home for hours, might as well adjust the HVAC to save some cash.

3. It's really late and your daughter is still not back from her date, maybe Indigo should wake you up and let you know she broke curfew.

4. It's dark outside and nobody is home, maybe Indigo should play with the lights to help ward off potential burglars.


Note:  This plugin requires your router is capable of forwarding its log to your indigo server via syslog.  This is a fairly common feature, especially on mid-high end routers.

Plugin Installation:

  1. Download the plugin, unzip it if your browser doesn't do that automatically.
  2. Double-click on the _Smartphone Radar.indigoPlugin_ file.  Indigo will launch and ask if you'd like it to install the plugin.
  3. The plugin's config screen should pop up.  Adjust any settings if you'd like.
  4. Create a smartphone device for each of your phones.

Router Setup:

  1. Configure your router to forward its log to port 1514.
  2. If necessary, adjust the log level or settings so that common network requests such as browsing the web and checking email are logged by the router.
  3. Confirm the plugin is receiving the log by enabling "Show router log" in the plugin's config.  Take note if the router logs the network access using MAC or IP addr


Create triggers to respond when some or all phone states become Away, Home, or On Vacation.  See the More Info link above for more details.