DSC Alarm Plugin  (Indigo Plugin)

Contributed by: Travis Cook


This plugin interfaces Indigo 5 to a DSC PowerSeries alarm system via a IT-100 or PC-5401 serial interface board. It lets Indigo see the status of the entire alarm system. Triggers can be created for any alarm or zone change, actions can be created to Arm, Disarm, or trip the alarm.


  1. Download the plugin, unzip it if your browser doesn't do that automatically.
  2. Double-click on the _DSC Alarm.indigoPlugin_ file. Indigo will launch and ask if you'd like it to install the plugin.
  3. The plugin's config screen should pop up, select the serial port of the interface.
  4. Create one keypad device, and zone device for each of your alarm zones.

Detailed installation instructions available at the _more info_ link above.


Create triggers to respond to alarm events or zone changes, actions to arm or disarm the alarm. See the _more info_ link above for more details.